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Saturday, August 9, 2014

@AngieNewson on Becoming a Better Writer #AmWriting #Fitness #NonFiction

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10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer
1. Read! Newspapers, magazines, books … everything!: That way you see the different styles of writing. I still enjoy actual paper magazines and newspapers and always look at different ways of how I can write for them. And I have a habit of tearing out interesting articles and keeping them and then never referring to them again! I have masses of books and moved house awhile ago to go into a rented property in order to refurbish my newly-bought property, so all my books are boxed up and I can say that’s what I miss most – my books. In the meantime though, by my bed, I now have several piles of new books bought and in my new house, there will be a whole big wall dedicated to bookshelves. I did buy a kindle a couple of years ago and find this extremely useful for when long-haul travelling. If there are any ebooks I particularly enjoy, then I usually by the hard copy when I get back.
2. Make notes of your ideas: Whether it’s on your phone or a notepad by the bed: I never know when an idea comes – sometimes in the most odd places and often whilst in bed. I don’t advise keeping a phone or iPad by your bed for health reasons, so I usually resort to a pen and pad.
3. Know your punctuation and grammar: I enjoyed English Grammar lessons at school and get rather cross that this is often overlooked in schools now. I’ve spotted many errors on posters, notices and I usually cause a rumpus when the apostrophe is in the wrong place – even with my kids. It took me a while to abbreviate whilst texting, but hey, we need to move fwd!
4. When you get a block, talk out loud about what you want to write to an imaginary person!: I’m not sure where I picked this up from, but it works for me. Sometimes if I don’t know how to start a piece, I talk to an imaginary person in front of me and explain to them what I want to say in a casual way, as if I’m having a conversation.
5. Write at the best time for you – it may be morning, evening, middle of the night etc.: Usually for me, it’s the morning, however, I teach classes in the mornings, so it’s often in the afternoons and then it may not flow so well. In the summertime, I find it easy to get up at 5.30am or 6am and write then.
6. Just start writing – something will come out, even if it’s not great, a flow usually follows: Another tip I was given and again it works, although I usually resort to talking to my imaginary friend.
7. Learn not to procrastinate – set a time to write and avoid social networking and the internet: Sometimes when I have to write on a subject that I’m not particularly familiar with, then I can get waylaid by Twitter – not so much by Facebook as I’m not interested in the fact that someone doesn’t like the film they’ve just seen.
8. Before you start, take a few moments to notice your breathing and become grounded and focused: Learn to become present. One of the most challenging things I’ve had to practise. By I have an excellent mindfulness teacher and she has taught me how to ‘notice’.
9. Only take note of feedback that you can learn from and progress – you can’t please all the people all of the time: I’ve learnt over time to accept the things I can change and can’t change, and to only take note from people that really know what they’re talking about.
10. Write about you know: For me, I know about health, fitness and clean living – so it makes sense. However, often I come across things that are new and I have a passion and desire to always learn more.
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