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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A. F. Ebbers' Thoughts on the Hardest Thing About Character Development #WriteTip #Mystery #Giveaway

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One day I met a woman who wore a t-shirt with the words, “Be Careful what you say to me because I might put you in my next book.”
She knew about character development.
That’s the secret. I’ve met my characters somewhere along the way of life. The meetings might have taken decades apart but it was what  they said to me that I always mentally classified them as a hellva nice person or a complete jerk or even a dangerous person. I rarely forget the neat phrases they said or their physical appearance or actions. And I always knew that someday they were going to be part of my future book.
Oh, but I changed their written physical appearance so only I knew who they were. Names were changed, short characters went to tall characters, the fat went thin and vice versus, etc.
As a former reporter for major newspapers I write realistically about what I have experienced. In my mind the events in my book could realistically take place next week or have taken place in the past. Most of the locales in my novel are actual because I’ve been there: from Vietnam, to Europe to Asia to Washington to Texas and most places in-between. My characters are a combination of real and imaginary personalities. The event and actions seem real because I question myself on every scene, and every spoken word, as to whether this seems real.
My motto for writing fiction is always write what you know.
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