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Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Motivated Patricia Leslie to Write "The Ouroboros Key" @PatriciaLeslieA #Fantasy #AmReading

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I was motivated to write The Ouroboros Key through my interest in ancient beliefs and how they shape the beliefs of current times. Also the interlacing with what has been with what is and how history is not necessarily truth. There is an element of magic threaded through the story that further explores the thin line between history, beliefs and the possibility of other worlds within our own. For this story I have used elements from Ancient Sumer and Christianity and melded them with Celtic and Native American lore with the aim of showing central themes and the common thread between beliefs. I have wrapped the magic and esoteric storyline with action and dramatic locations; from the birth of civilisation in the Tigris Valley to the plains of New Mexico and into the depths of the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Northern Colorado.

While The Ouroboros Key, at times, seems to follow a similar path to novels exploring Christian history and subsequent treasure hunts, it veers away from factual into speculative fiction, hints at alternatives and stays away from conspiracy theories. I'm less interested in the "factual" side of historical anomalies than the possibility of real magic in a modern world and a timeline that coexists and mingles with our own yet stays secret.

But this story is not just about myth. It is also about friendship, family and strength; in believing the unbelievable and the modern-day quest. I hope that readers will come away from this story knowing that the fantastical is not far from truth and that stretching the wings of belief is available to anybody who has the "eyes to see and the ears to hear".

Prophetic dreams have haunted Dan Tenney since childhood, foretelling him of a life-changing event that is soon to take place. But before he can learn the meaning of his visions, he is attacked by a shadowy group of extremists: the Brotherhood of the Grail.

Finding sanctuary underground, an ancient relic comes into his possession and Dan begins to understand the path his visions have laid out before him. His quest will be fraught with an otherworldly people and an event that could tip the balance in favour of human existence-or disastrously against it. The mysterious Brotherhood will do everything in their power to prevent Dan from fulfilling his destiny as the Bearer of Ouroboros
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