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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nina Elaine Borum Shares 10 Things She Wishes She Knew About ... @ninaelaineb #amwriting #writetip

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before 
  1. It’s easier than most people think. Being an author always start with having a life experience and then it continues with having an idea that develops from your life experience. The difference between an author and everyone else is simply that the author decided to communicate their ideas and life experiences to the world while others just shared their lives with those around them.  We all have author potential.
  2. It’s harder than most people think. Can anyone publish? Yes. Should everyone publish, no.  Writing is one form of communicating your message. People should communicate in the medium that they feel the strongest about and are most gifted in.
  3. You will be criticized.  Every time I write a blog post I put myself out there a little bit. The more people who read my writings the larger the chance is that someone will not like what I have to say. Healthy criticism is necessary for me to grow as a writer and I always feel good when people disagree with me, it says that I’m going against the grain, and I enjoy that.
  4. You will be encouraged. The amount of love and support that I receive from writing is overwhelming. Most people never take the plunge to share their story or their ideas so they are inspired by the people who do. Many writers fear that no one will value what they have to say, that’s untrue. Believe in your message and people will rally around you.
  5. You become an expert. I’ve always been told that I was a good speaker and so I felt that my ministry would be to become a traveling speaker. I learned quickly that in order for people to invite you to speak, they have to feel that you are valuable and offer information or insights that they don’t have. Being a published author immediately gives you some level of expertise about the topic you are write about.
  6. You need a team. So you are a writer? Great. Are you a graphic designer, marketing expert, social media guru, publishing company, website designer & event planner as well? Probably not. Be honest with yourself to know the things that you can do yourself and the things that you will need to hire others to do. Understand that your book is not possible without your team so treat them with kindness, respect and gratitude.
  7. You need money. Even though there are ways to publish your book for “free”. It will serve any author well to be prepared to invest in their book. If the author doesn’t want to make an investment in their work, they shouldn’t expect others to purchase their book.  There are other costs involved outside of just getting your book printed.  Effective and creative marketing, travel expenses for your book tour & hiring experts to help you along the way are just a few expenses of publishing a book. Don’t let the costs catch you off guard, do your research and be prepared.
  8. You need an existing platform. Your success as an author doesn’t start after your book is published, it starts now. I have been advised on multiple occasions that I am not selling my book, I am selling myself. Building a platform means building authentic connections with people in your niche market. When people trust you, they trust your message!
  9. You need multiple social media platforms. Having a strong social media following before the release of your book is vital. Months before my release date, I had to update and create social media accounts. I also had to make sure that all these accounts represented my brand effectively. Poorly branded and inconsistently updated social media sites will turn off potential readers.
  10. You have a message worth sharing. When I first started writing this book, I was pretty selfish. I said things like “I’m just writing this book for me, I don’t care if it sells or not”. That reasoning is completely absurd. First of all, if you believe that God gave you a message, why would you keep it to yourself? Why wouldn’t you want your message to get across to as many people as possible? Don’t be afraid to promote your work.

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