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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Meet & Greet with #Christian #Author Lynn Murphy

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What writing are you most proud of?
Two books: Terezin Twilight and The Time Of My Life.
What books did you love growing up?
I read all the classics. I know it sounds strange, but I loved Dickens! I also read historical novels and popular fiction too.
Who is your favorite author?
I don’t know if I have just one. I enjoy Jodi Piccoult, Mary Kay Andrews, Karen Kingsbury. I’m pretty eclectic in my book choices.
What book genre of books do you adore?
Historical fiction. I’ve read a lot of books about The Holocaust, which my husband thinks is an odd obsession.
What book should everybody read at least once?
The Once and Future King by TH White
Is there any books you really don’t enjoy?
I’m not big on self help books or most science fiction.
What do you hope your obituary will day about you?
That I was compassionate, concerned about others, loved my family and friends, was a good teacher….and a great writer!
Location and life experiences can really influence writing, tell us where you grew up and where you now live?
I grew up somewhere pretty uninspiring- Columbus, GA. I currently live in Peachtree City GA which is beautiful. We have 100 miles of paved golf cart paths and several lakes and  everybody gets out to walk, run, bike and golf cart around town. I’ve also lived in Baltimore and Memphis.
How did you develop your writing?
I majored in journalism in college and took fiction writing classes.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
From history, from my family and from my students.

Madison Walker never planned on falling for her boss when she accepted a teaching position at The Newport School For The Deaf. Seamus Lansing is handsome, wealthy, athletic, charming- and hearing impaired himself. As the only hearing person in her own family, Madison isn't sure she wants a long term relationship with someone who can't hear but she can't deny that she is attracted to Seamus. As their romance develops, Seamus will find himself questioning things he never considered about his disability.
Jim O'Brien has achieved worldwide acclaim for his musical ability. When unexpected circumstances threaten to take away his ability to play the piano how will it affect his recent marriage to Lady Berry Harrington?
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Genre - Romance, Christian
Rating – G
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