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Friday, March 14, 2014

The Odyssey of Daniel Bonner (The Odysseys) by @DominicBuffery #Paranormal #Thriller

The two men peered through the roll of mesh as hundreds of the creatures gathered at the entrance and began their assault, tearing at the barrier with claw and fang. Scorpion tails darted forward over their tugging bodies dispensing murderous drops of venom.
‘Bruinscrofa’ was an image of unbridled malevolence, its eyes like that of a hunting shark.
Even in the half-light the terrible watery orbs exuded all the awful truths about this harbinger of destruction from Hell’s creation. Goose bumps erupted along Jerry’s arms as he loosely aimed the broad barrel at its stinking torso.
Then something smashed into his shoulder. Through the blinding silt he saw a huge static object the top of which rose ten feet above the bedrock. It came round again with alarming speed but this time he was ready and caught hold of a protruding metal stanchion. The force of drag nearly tore his arm from its socket but he held on. Suddenly the sickening spinning ceased as the funnel fell down around their legs releasing its death grip on their bodies. But still their lower limbs were dragged horizontally in the relentless rip. Their lungs dragging in air and all around them was the cacophonous roar of raging water.

The Odyssey of Daniel Bonner.
The first chapter finds Daniel Bonner as frightened fifteen year-old making an escape from a young offenders’ institution, incarcerated for a crime of which he is innocent.
During a harrowing escape he receives unexpected help from a total stranger who later becomes his mentor, to aid and abet his survival as a fugitive on the open moor. Daniel learns to trust him implicitly in what is seemingly an unbreakable friendship, and remains unaware that the stranger, Anthony Windrow, has a hidden, and altogether, sinister agenda.
At the time of his escape, Danny, unwittingly, sells his soul to the Devil, and nothing in this, or any other world comes free. Anthony Windrow, hell’s second-in-command, otherwise known as the Chancellor, sets Daniel on a course to leave the moor and make his fortune, hoping that greed would be the catalyst to turn him into the perfect representative for the forces of evil in the living world. However, no one had counted on Daniels inbuilt sense of right and wrong.
With an act of selfless philanthropy he undermines the Chancellor’s plan, proving that his path through life is destined to carry him on a very different journey; to become the Chancellor’s nemesis.
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Genre – Paranormal Thriller
Rating – PG
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