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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

April Wood's #WriteTip for Believable Characters @ApeJayWood #PNR #AmWriting

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How to make your characters believable

The biggest thing I can say on this subject is this, if you don’t believe in them neither will the reader. It seems simple, but a lot of authors miss it. You can write a character that inspires others if they don’t inspire you. Even the smaller characters in your book need to have the strength and presence. I write what I know, as do most. I know strength, steadfastness, and loyalty. It’s a common theme in all my books. It is what I believe in, therefor my characters believe it.


Yvonne has been living life fairly carefree until the sudden resurface of her dead maker, Magnus. She thinks he wants revenge, but all he wants is her. She can’t resist him. He is just as mouthwatering to her now as he was when he created her two hundred and fifty years ago. As their love rekindles forces outside of them grow threatening to destroy all the happiness they have finally found. 

Her sister Annabeth is seeking revenge for the bite she suffered at Magnus’s hands. She will stop at nothing to exact vengeance on him and Yvonne. 

Will their love be strong enough for the battles ahead?

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