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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Phil Davidson's Thoughts on Genre @davidsonnovels #AmWriting #WriteTip #Military

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A Writer’s Thoughts on Genre
By Phil Davidson

All writers need to determine which genre they will write in. I like to write action adventure novels. Dreamer became a number 1 Amazon Best Seller. I guess it is because of my military background. Men facing combat bring maturity to the plot not found in other genre

My book is for those that love action, enjoy seeing characters develop and for those that love a cataclysmic ending. Dreamer is a novel about a Special Forces team that were drummed out of the Army during the Vietnam war because they all broke under torture. How they are brought back together to take on one last mission and for God no less. It takes place during the Falklands War and sees them travel from America to Central and South America and in the process take on evil in the form of narc-terrorists and the Argentine Secret Service. It has plenty of action both on the ground and in the air but all revolves around the concept of redemption

I wanted to tell as story about how God would offer redemption to warriors. I chose to portray God as a warrior. I know this thought is foreign to most religious readers but shouldn’t be. I took the lead character from the Bible character David, who like the characters in Dreamer was flawed but loved by God.

I love the lead character, David because I could relate to him on a personal level, though I do like the character, Father Perez a Roman Catholic priest who no longer believes in God.

The hardest character for me to develop was Captain Alvarez head of the Argentine Secret Service. I wanted him to be evil but at the same time I wanted the reader to understand how he came to the point in his life where he was doing the horrible things he was doing.

The most difficult thing I have found in writing is to kill off a character.  There is just something about having to do that I find unpleasant.  Yet at the same time it is necessary to create a realistic and intriguing action novel.

In the action genre a reader is expecting there to be a lot of drama.  They are expecting suspense, grit, sexuality and a huge satisfying ending.  Dreamer is packed with all of the essential elements for an action adventure.  The beginning is a little rough but this is about the military.  I felt that it was very important to be realistic.   Many of the reviews have commented that the book has a rough start but then provides a very riveting development and an outstanding ending.  I would encourage readers to give Dreamer a chance to entertain you. Trust me it will.

Phil Davidson is a practicing attorney in Nashville, TN and author of the book Dreamer a number 1 Amazon Best Selling Book. Dreamer is a novel about redemption and the power of God to restore the fallen. It is available on This book has been written to inspire everyone and especially those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that there is a place for recovery in the arms of God.


The fiery relationship between Captain David Eliott and beautiful lover and wife Sonny creates a drama that will cross continents. She is the light of his world and suddenly disappears under the worst circumstances, which causes David to again become the man that he swore to forget. This military drama is full of intrigue and redemption.

Phil Davidson's book Dreamer is dedicated to preserving the bond of brotherhood that military members commit to, shows the power of faith in overcoming life's most adverse situations, shows the strength of families working through challenges, and the healing from trauma that occurs by becoming bold enough to face the enemies of your past.

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Rating – PG-18
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