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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Day in the Life of Karolyn James

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A Day in the Life of Karolyn James

I wake up every morning at about five in the morning and it’s straight to work for me. Of course, it turned the coffee pot on. My office is actually in the basement of my. I have a long desk that faces a large window, and on most mornings I get to watch the sunrise while I sip my coffee and think about what I need to get done for the day. I always read a little bit of what I wrote the day before so I make sure the story is fresh in my mind. I always write first thing in the morning before the rest of my family wakes up because on most days my house can go from quiet to crazy in a matter of two seconds. I spend about three to four hours of just writing. Within that time, I will take small breaks to refill my coffee, grab a banana, or just a walker all my basement for a couple minutes to stretch relax. But for me it’s important that I get all my writing done as early as possible. When I’m done writing, that’s when I get online and I start to check my Facebook and Twitter accounts, check my emails, and spend a little time interacting with my readers.

Now that my kids are getting ready to go back to school it’s going to get a little easier for me to get more work done because the house will be quiet longer. But I do spend most of my day trying to keep things organized and keep myself on a schedule. When I’m not writing there’s still plenty of work to be done. For example, for my Western romance series I have to do a lot of research and a lot of nonfiction reading about the time frame, the locations the book takes place in, and I actually have a huge book that is all about marriage in the 1800’s. Of course, somewhere throughout the day and night, I do get a lot of reading done. As a writer, one of the most important jobs I have is to read. Some weeks I can read three to four books week easily. Some weeks I only read one to two books a week. After the day is done, the kids are in bed, and the house is settled, I go back to writing, but that’s mostly to set up the next day. I try to write to a point where it’s easy to pick up the next day so that I’m not sitting at my computer wondering what to write next.

Buried Notes 4

Finally exposing a secret to his band after years of hiding, Chasing Cross bassist, Chris, confesses that some years ago, during a wild night, he ended up marrying someone. It was supposed to be a no-big-deal kind of thing, with a stipulation… if one of them fell in love or wanted to get married to someone else, they would divorce.
Chris has been served divorce papers, and it should be easy to just sign them, but he can’t. His heart won’t allow it.
Becky loses her mother to breast cancer and realizes that life sometimes really is too short. She finds the ring she received from a sexy rockstar the night she secretly married him. The memory should have been fun, but after being pushed into a corner to stay married while that rockstar’s band took off, Becky can’t do it anymore.
She sends divorce papers and waits… and waits… and weeks after sending the papers, she wonders what’s taking so long…
In a journey that forces Chris to step back in time to find his future, he knows he needs to find Becky – his wife. He isn’t sure what he’ll find, but he knows he wants the truth.
Was it love back then? Or just a crazy night with a rockstar?

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Genre – Romance

Rating – PG13

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