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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Author Interview - Nhys Glover

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What is the Theme of your latest book?

‘The Way Home’ is about survival, and what it takes to want to real live, not just survive.

Tell me about the protagonist

Because I write romance there are always two protagonists. In ‘The Way Home’ the hero is a Polish WW2 fighter pilot, an ace, who finds himself haunting an English farmhouse. He is a very polite gentlemanly type who is carry a heap of guilt because at his death he believed he was responsible for the loss of his squadron. I actually created him from an amalgam of pilots of the time.

The heroine is a woman who has lost everyone she ever loved and is now only holding onto life by a thread as she tried to recover from cancer therapy. She’s really given up. Then a ghost lover helps her claim back her life, and solving an important mystery gives her life meaning again.

Was there much research required for this novel?

I had the whole cancer thing pretty much down pat having been there and done that. I had to do a lot of research on WW2 polish fighter pilots. I enjoyed that a lot.

What book did you enjoy writing the most?

‘The Titan Drowns’. I loved holidaying on the Titanic.

Have you ever considered a writing partnership?

Actually I’m co-writing a contemporary romance with a writer friend of mine. She’s excellent at capturing the light 20 something lifestyle. I’m pretty good at meaningful and spicy love scenes. It should be a very different book to what either of us has written separately.

The Way Home

Those who see the ghostly figure of the WWII fighter pilot in the English farmhouse garden at Grange End are destined to die within a week of that sighting. But when Cassie Grant not only sees the Polish flying ace in the garden but talks to him in her bedroom, it’s clear that something more than a prediction of death is at work here.

Hawk has been waiting for something at Grange End for nearly 70 years and from the first moment he sees the fragile beauty at the upper window he realises what it is – Cassie!

But is he there to accompany her to the other side when her time is up or is his increasingly corporeal presence meant for something else? When the enemy of the past becomes the enemy of the present, Hawk is determined to save Cassie from her untimely death, even if he has to cross the boundaries between Life and Afterlife to do it.

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Genre - Historical  Romance

Rating – PG

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