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Monday, September 30, 2013

Absolute Write - Donation & Verification

10:06 PM Posted by James Noel 2 comments
Truth be told, I feel a lot like Michael Jackson. I cannot remember the year but I remember the brouhaha when the media circulated rumours that Janet Jackson and him were the same person.

I cannot seem to find any news articles on Google search but I did find this video Watch it from 1 minute 35 seconds to witness the moment I am referring to.

I am not sure what these forum members are expecting from us. It was a complete misjudgment on our part to think that our reviews would be considered "fresh content" as everyone seems to be calling it.

Clearly, our blogs have a long way to go and I speak on behalf of all the book club members who have started to blog.

I cannot and will not give my house address to the Internet. I don't know these people, and from the looks of their mannerisms on the forum, they are just about ready to give anyone who approaches them a black eye.

We have discussed the matter with most of our members at length and this is what we will do. Time, finances and PayPal permitting, those of us who can will make a donation to the forum. They have a yellow button at the bottom that enables this.

It is my assumption that the recipient of this payment, which is one of the moderators or owner of the forum, will be able to view our different home addresses and verify that like Michael and Janet we are all different people. We are but book lovers who are not used to this world where privacy doesn't seem to exist and blogging requires more understanding that we are used to.

It is also our sincere wish that he or she does this without revealing our addresses to the world but I'm not entirely certain that will happen.

My PayPal Transaction ID: 3EN88757HC5121806

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