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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Author Interview – London Tracy

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Last book I purchased?

The last book I purchased was “You Do Know” which is about developing intuition.

What is your favorite meal?


What movie do you love to watch?

I love watching movies which star either Michael Douglas or Richard Gere.  Some of my favorites include Fatal Attraction, Internal Affairs and Basic Instinct.

What social issues interest you the most?


What is your favorite color?

It’s a toss between navy blue and pink.

The Curse

From HBO’s hit series, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” comes, “The Curse, a teleplay:” After Larry David quarrels with his lesbian neighbors, he finds himself under a seven-day curse of bad luck.

LONDON TRACY is an author, screenwriter and freelance writer. She lives in Los Angeles.

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Genre – Comedy

Rating – PG-13

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