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Monday, October 21, 2013

How To Market Yourself to Radio Hosts/Shows – Tami Urbanek @tamiurbanek

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How To Market Yourself to Radio Hosts/Shows

Many radio shows receive multiple requests from potential guests, most of which are authors. How do you stand out from all the others in order to receive a reply? As a radio host, there are certain things I can’t stand and some things I really like to see in an email request.

When I receive an email, I look to see if the person spelled my name correctly and if they bothered to write the name of my radio show in the email. This tells me if they’re really interested or just hitting up each and every show, desperate to get an interview to make a book sale. I’m interested in people who have a story to tell and I want guests who want to share their story because they believe in themselves.

If the potential guest has listened to some of my shows and states so in the email request, I am much more likely to consider that guest. Also, listening numbers fluctuate, so when I’m selecting a guest, I take their book topic into account. Will it attract listeners and/or can the guest bring in other things to add value to the interview that makes it valuable to the listeners to tune into? These are questions I would prefer answered in the initial email. What do you have to offer?

When sending an email request, it needs to be organized and easy to read. A couple of times, I’ve been sent emails that have little to no information and/or the font is all over the place. I delete those. If a person emails me requesting to be on my show and all the person writes is, “I’d be a great guest, click on my website link for more information,” I probably won’t bother. I’ll move on to the next request. The same goes for emails that contain TOO MUCH information. Just give me what I need, don’t write on and on about how great you are or how great your book is.

Follow up with another email. Sometimes an email slips through, goes to spam, or the host forgot to reply. There’s nothing wrong with following up. Also, adding a free copy of your book, a bio, and prepared questions for the host to ask in an interview are appreciated.

If you want to be a radio guest, make it a priority to send out requests on a regular basis and be consistent. Also be willing to promote the interview to your own contact list and social media sites.


Broke, with a month-old baby, nineteen-year old Tami Urbanek walks away from an abusive marriage only to find herself wallowing in anxiety and confusion, wondering how she will survive. At the time, she had no idea that the journey in front of her would guide her so far away from fear of financial survival and instead would push her into the realm of healing and spirituality. As the daughter of internationally renowned medium, Hossca Harrison, Tami seeks the assistance of her loving parents and a spiritual teacher named Jonah. With their help, she begins to understand herself and her daughter, whose adolescent path of destruction threatens to tear apart their relationship. As Tami’s own clairvoyant abilities surface, she is challenged with the task of helping not just her daughter, but the child that her sixteen-year old daughter is carrying: a child whose painful past life still haunts him and which must be resolved before his birth. Told with humor, insight and honesty, Tami’s story challenges readers’ minds as it touches their hearts, and when the last page is turned, it is a story not easily forgotten.

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