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Monday, October 28, 2013

Layce Boswell – How to Make Your Characters Believable @markdmajor

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How to Make Your Characters Believable by Layce Boswell

When illustrating, it is the artist’s job to create believable characters based on what the writer has provided. Beyond writing, how does an artist take verbal definitions of who a character is into a visual state that agrees with what has been declared in the text? Doing so can be a very hard process, but it is not impossible and should not be seen as daunting so much as an exciting challenge.

To make a believable character through illustration does not limit the artist to only realistic renderings; as an artist, one can make any kind of character, no matter how abstracted, come to life. When creating, an artist must pay special attention to his or her character’s environment as well as the character. The environment must coexist flawlessly with the character to establish believability with the viewer.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, an artist must find a style that suits him or her as well as the written text, and then he or she must commit wholeheartedly to that style. As mentioned above, the type of style does not matter as much as a continuity of stylistic choices. Whatever choices are made, they must be made with a kind of confidence that is expressed boldly through media, technique, and skill. When these factors flow together seamlessly, the viewer will believe anything the artist wishes to create.


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