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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Author Interview – Jann Jeter @Hasty_Post

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What is hardest – getting published, writing or marketing?
Getting published these days with so many independent eBook publishers out there is easy. The writing can be hard – trust me there is such a thing as writers block. I sometimes go for long periods of time where I just sit down at the computer and stare at where I left off and draw a total blank. I usually just get up and walk away. After a while, and it may be a long while, I’ll sit down and -boom- it all just comes rushing out. The hardest part for me is the marketing. I’m not a PR person. I did start a Facebook page for ‘Space Dude – the Novel’. I have a blog I started after I was laid off and I do mention the book as often as I can, making sure to put links in to both my web page and the website. Marketing is definitely the hardest thing.
Are your family and friends supportive?
Yes! My nephew is a big fan of the book and is my webmaster for my website, (Yes, that is ‘.co’, don’t use the .com because you won’t find me…), and I have a ton of friends that are very supportive and encouraging. One friend, that lives a long distance from me, bought and downloaded my book and wrote me the most amazing email after she read it. In part she said, “I finished reading ‘Dude’ last night and it put me in the best mood I’ve been in for a while. I’m a mostly non-fiction reader, so getting into fiction is always a bit of a challenge for me. I really liked it. I liked the main characters and I think your character development is a real strength along with strong humor and subtle points. It sort of reminds me of good fiction I’ve read in ‘Yankee Magazine’ and ‘The New Yorker’.” I was so gratified to read that!
Do you plan to publish more books?
I hope so! I’ve got two on right now, and am working on the third in the series. I have a half-finished book of stand-alone stories, but I’m not satisfied with it. If the muse, and the characters, speak to me some morning at 5am when I’m swimming at the gym, I will definitely continue to write.
What other jobs have you had?
Oh, gosh, we probably don’t have time for the entire list. My first job was working for my father who was an Optometrist. I’ve managed restaurants, including my own, and worked in a book store. After I was laid off, I worked the 2010 Census – I’ve got some stories about that! I’ve also been a circuit coach in a workout facility, a ‘sales associate’ in a card shop, a substitute teacher, worked in medical laboratory, and last but not least, worked in two butcher shops.
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
I’m partial to beaches, but there are just so many choices! Although I’ve never been there, I’ve always been fascinated by Australia. I loved vacationing in Aruba, but it’s expensive.  I enjoyed living in Washington State, but the winters were so dark and there was usually a lot of snow. I remember a summer where the average temperature was 55 – it got to me and I had to move back to Texas for some sunshine and warmth. One thing you can say about a Texas – everything is air conditioned here. I was born and raised in Texas and it holds a special place in my heart (for the most part!).

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