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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Space Dude by Jann Jeter @Hasty_Post

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Earth had done its share of some pretty despicable political maneuverings as well. When the landfills had all become so swollen with trash the mounds of debris could be spotted on the satellite pictures from Space, and cities were drowning in metal carcasses, plastic boxes, and paper rejects, one astute politician came up with the idea to gather up all Earth’s refuse and just shoot it out into Space. This included items such as television sets, barbeque grills, all kinds of furniture…and cars. Cars had been previously banned for spewing blatant pollution, and car manufacturers had shuttered their businesses and slipped away into the night; light rail had become the convenient way to travel and get back and forth to work. Light rail trips averaged around the same price or slightly lower as a trip using a gasoline-powered vehicle would cost, although the price would spike with the whim of whoever owned the rail company.
Cars had become ancient dinosaurs that slumbered in backyards or landfills slowly rusting away. Landfills were full of obsolete cars, trucks, vans and school buses.  These vehicles were loaded onto robot cargo ships and shot into space to silently float above the earth they had traversed since 1769 when the first steam powered vehicles capable of human transport had appeared. When people began moving off planet they discovered they needed some sort of small machine to move about unrestricted. Hiram T. Pickett, Jr., a basically honest young man, had come up with, and implemented, procedures to take the old cars off the transport ships and retrofit them for short travel among the stars. He eventually was able to devise a course of action that would enable these vehicles to drive on land, take off and cruise around as far as you wanted to go before landing safely on your destination planet. He was heralded as a genius. He also made a lot of money, which didn’t hurt.

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