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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#AmReading @ClarissaClemens on the Effects of Reading Her #Erotic #Poetry into Your Bedroom

5 Things that May Occur When You Bring My Erotic Poetry into Your Bedroom – (You Have Been Forewarned)
Your Inhibitions Disappear along with your Clothing
It has been known to happen! Probably one of the single biggest inhibitors of a satisfying love life is that one or both partners are unable to open up and feel uninhibited about their sexuality. A glass of wine, the glow of candlelight flickering on naked skin, scattered rose-petals on the bed, and silky sheets can set a wonderful tactile scene to help get things going. Adding erotic poetry to the setting allows the mind to come and play. Once the brain is engaged, it’s all systems go – bye-bye inhibitions! With inhibitions out of the way, the imagination can take over and pleasures shared both physically and mentally.
Add Some Playful to Your Passion
It is a known fact that laughing is an important component in any relationship. It eases tensions, builds rapport, and creates a playful mood. When we were children playing in our make believe worlds, the fun that we had helped us to build bonds between friends creating best friends forever (our beloved BFF’s).  To be playful with our partners, with whom we are in love, should be an important ingredient in our relationship and give us the opportunity to explore intimacy together. With my sexy poems, a giggle or laugh in response to the lines will create a light and playful mood.
Some More Stimulation Please
Okay, I am not going to beat around the bush here – my poetry WILL invite stimulation to the party. I have had so many people (both men and women) remark to me that my words bring the “Hello” to “Hello Kitty” or “it’s impossible NOT to be aroused”.  The lines of my erotic poetry paint vivid scenes of sensuality for lovers to embrace. Once the words float into your mind, the body follows with it’s own interpretive dance of stimulation.
Try New Things in the Bedroom –
Going From ‘Vanilla’ to ‘Non-Vanilla’ Activities
Opening up my erotic poetry books and reading the seductive lines to your lover, allows you to hide conveniently behind my words and yet gives you an opportunity to try some kinky ideas on for size. If the idea behind the poem gets things going, then fantastic; if one or the other of you feels shy about it, move on to the next poem. Many of my poems take place in the “non-vanilla” arena. Things like spankings, toys, light bondage, Domination/submissiveness all playfully make their way into my poetry. Maybe you already enjoy this type of play – either way my poems may allow new sexy activities to enter your bed.
An Adventure to Take Together – Unlocking Your Fantasies
Let’s face it, in order to have a fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner, there needs to be communication, mutual trust, and respect. Hand in hand you are reading poems that will take you on a sensual adventure. It will allow you to playfully and impartially evaluate what is being played out through the words. It will be like embarking on a new adventure together. It may open doors to trying something you had not previously considered. Fantasies fuel passion. I personally feel that if more people would live out their fantasies with their partner in life, there would be less cheating because the partner seeking sex outside the union is probably needing to fulfill fantasies that he or she is not comfortable sharing at home.
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Seductively yours,
Clarissa O. Clemens

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