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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Angelina Rose – Those Review Blues …

4:15 PM Posted by James Noel , 1 comment

      Is there any book you really don’t enjoy? I did not enjoy reading, or attempting to read, The Sound and the Fury.

      What do you hope your obituary will day about you? That I stayed true to myself… she did what was natural for her, and didn’t let anyone take it from her.

      Location and life experiences can really influence writing, tell us where you grew up and where you now live? I grew up in the country in Australia. Mum was widowed, so life was tough for us as a family. We moved to the outskirts of the city of Sydney when I was a teenager, so my brother, sister and myself could follow our dreams yet still stay together as a family. I grew up listening to the radio (we didn’t have TV), so my imagination took over when I would listen to songs, or stories and extend on them and, of course, give my version of the story. It often ended up very different to the original. The fact I had to entertain myself really had my imagination in overdrive, but my mother said my imagination worked from the time I was really young… she told me I talked young and never stopped!

      I now live in Sydney, Australia and spend a reasonable amount of time in Maui and Boston.

      How did you develop your writing? From the age of 6 I was writing “stories” that my teacher thought were interesting enough to be read out to my class. It depended on what interested me at the time as to what I wrote about, and if I did write.

      Writing developed more when I was a young teen … I entered various writing competitions in the hope I would win a prize so I could help Mum out financially. Then in Nursing School there were many assignments … so my writing developed more there.

      And now the more romance stories I write, the longer they get with more twists and turns, and suspense is definitely creeping in.

      Where do you get your inspiration from? Life. People have always fascinated me… from a young age I have been a “people watcher”. I used to sit on the fence-post at Mum’s and make up poetry about people as they passed by me. Mind you, some of these people would then knock on our front door and tell Mum she had a cheeky daughter. That still makes me smile. So, the people I work with, people I have nursed… when I meet them, my mind starts working overtime wondering if their life was really anything like I thought it would be. Sometimes the way someone dresses, they way they talk inspires a whole story around them.

    The Eyes of Love

    With THE EYES OF LOVE author Angelina Rose introduces you to a fun and emotional contemporary Mill Creek Crossing Romance series.

    Sally Overby is having a bad time: she is tired of going to bed alone and not having a shoulder to lean on. After becoming widowed 5 years ago she wanted to feel safe: she completed college, became an attorney and continued to raise her young son, David. When she receives her invitation to attend her fifteen-year high school reunion, she wonders about the gorgeous guy she had a schoolgirl crush on. What has happened to Colin Dean? Has he married Stephanie, his high school sweetheart, had they broken up? Where is he now, would he be at the reunion?

    Colin Dean has a successful Real Estate business in Mill Creek Crossing and really has his pick of women now he and Stephanie have divorced. Colin thinks his life is great just as it is now, until the day he finds Sally in Mill Creek Crossing when she returns to attend the reunion. Not only has he never met anyone so lovely, both inside and out, he realizes she has a few issues with opening her heart to love again. Soon, he is willing to move mountains to love and protect her, but will she let him?

    Sally is wary to love deeply. Only, with every loving look Colin gives her plus every sweet kiss, as the attraction between them sparks, she can’t help but wonder if she’s met the one she should be with. And although Colin didn’t realize his life was going to change so quickly, amazingly, he isn’t the least bit interested in fighting that change. Instead, he’s gearing up for a different fight altogether. The one for Sally’s heart.

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