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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Author Interview – Lucas Heath

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What writing are you most proud of? The work that I’ve enjoyed the most would be BoX. I like a lot of my other stories, but BoX was something new, deep, and more intricate than anything else I’ve written.

What are you most excited about in your personal life? I am excited for all the traveling I will get to do in these upcoming years, as well as the stories that will come from my travels.

What books did you love growing up? I was a HUGE fan of the Animorphs series (K. A. Applegate). I was also a big fan of Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card). Only a few years ago, I read Ted Dekker’s Black, Red, White, and Green, and totally got hooked on all his books.

Who is your favorite author? Ted Dekker!

What genre of books do you adore? I’m a big fan of science fiction, though I don’t care too much about stories involving space travel. I also enjoy some fantasy books, such as the Inheritance Cycle (Christopher Paolini).

What book should everybody read at least once? Everyone should read Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card) at least once! Especially since the movie is coming out soon.

Are there any books you really don’t enjoy? There aren’t any books specifically, but by genre, I’m not a fan of romance.

What do you hope your obituary will say about you? I hope that my obituary would say that I loved well and that I gave my life for others.


How far would you go to save yourself? Would you compromise your religion, morals, or integrity to avoid death?

Twenty-seven people wake up to discover they are imprisoned in isolation cubes. They are forced to endure multiple trials in an experiment designed to test the limits of human nature.

In each cube is a pistol. During any test an individual can use the gun to end the torment and take their own life. In doing so, they believe the test would immediately end for everyone and potentially save the lives of others.

Would you lay down your life to save another? Would you pass the tests?

It’s the ultimate trial for human nature and the will to stay alive.

Would you survive the experiment?

This story is a novella, at around 100 pages, or 26000 words.

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Genre –  Thriller / SciFi

Rating – PG13

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