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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Echo in the Underworld by Brietta Tatro @BriettaTatro

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On an autumn afternoon, seventeen year-old Echo Tenbrook slips into a woodland park near her Seattle home and unwittingly awakens her ability to perceive the spirit world, setting into motion a chain of events that will lead her across the globe and into a lost world.

When Echo and her younger sister Persephone are lured into a forbidden cave in the shadow of their ancestral Tuscan villa, they find themselves at the mercy of Oca, a witch who has need of Echo’s sixth sense. To save her sister’s life, Echo undertakes a perilous quest to find a magical tree, long since hidden by a dead king. With Oca’s mysterious servant Samuel as her guide and protector, Echo travels across a subterranean sea to an ancient city and beyond, encountering dangerous obstacles and mythological creatures along the way.

The farther she travels into the unknown, the deeper Echo falls under the twin spells of the Underworld and her guide, Samuel. But not all is as it seems. Before Echo completes her quest, she will learn the full extent of Oca’s treachery. With the lives of many hanging in the balance and her own heart on the line, Echo will have to find the courage to confront the darkness that envelops her, inside and out.

Inspired by fairy tales and mythology, Echo in the Underworld is an enchanting adventure story that celebrates the discovery of magic, of things lost and found and of one’s quiet inner strength when all hope seems gone.

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Genre - Young Adult Fantasy

Rating – PG

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