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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#Excerpt from Hostage by Kara Stefanowich @Karakazoo #Paranormal #Romance

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Drops echoed in the dark space where he lay. The cold, dead air smothered him. He twirled a locket of hair around his fingers, squeezing his eyes shut.

Kane was beside himself. He thought it would have taken longer to find her this time. She was so beautiful, it took his breath away. He was entranced by her and the power of her inner light. Her soul shined like a spring of diamonds falling down a mountain of white gold.

Dancing around in her dreams was nothing like the real thing, but for the moment, it was as close to heaven as his black opal soul would ever get. He had to feel her, again. Waiting was such an excruciating agony. Years of sullen loneliness were making him feel so cold. He finally found her, again. It was such turmoil not to have run right over to her and snatch her up and hold her tight in his strong arms forever. But, these things took a little more finesse than that.

It was killing him inside to be able to see her and feel her and hear her in his mind and in her dreams. Her telepathic touch was far colder than he remembered. He longed to feel the warmth of her skin, her breath on his face, her womanly welcome of his hard stamen throbbing inside of her hot, wet center. Kane growled under his breath as he projected his visions into her mind.

Ivy had no idea that he had been watching her religiously. Every club, every bar and everywhere else, he followed her. He kept her safe. She had no idea how many souls he had to drink dry to keep her from harm. She was in the habit of going for late night walks in one of the countries toughest cities. The girl honestly had no sense of safety. Either that or she thought she was invincible, which wouldn’t have surprised Kane. Her past lives proved her to be quite the little sparkler. As much as her characteristics caused him fear, he couldn’t help but smile at her free spirited attitude.

There had been seventeen muggers, eight rapists, twelve gangsters, and two cockeyed drug addicts. They all had to be intercepted in order to keep her from becoming another one of their countless victims. Kane’s powers kept him sharp. Honing all the proper channels was what took the most work. He had to weed out the chatter to find the real culprits. That was a skill worth bragging about, not that anyone would ever really believe him.

The air in his dark subterranean room stood stagnant with mildew forming on the walls of stone. Portraits of his love seemed to glare at him. She hung from every protruding stone ledge available. His gifts of the finer arts captured her perfectly in each and every era of her many life times. Kane gave the portraits a sideways glance and huffed, pulling a knee up onto the mattress he was sitting on.

He sighed a long breath, laid back and slipped into his daylight slumber.

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