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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Move Pain Out of Your Body by Anne Asher @AnneAsher

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Move Pain Out of Your Body

MY BACK HURTS!How often have you uttered those words? For backache relief, most experts recommend exercise, particularly core strengthening exercise.  This book takes a holistic approach to back exercise and core strength. The first part helps you build a foundation of techniques that may aid in establishing alignment, relieving muscle tension, and activating the highly supportive core abdominal muscles.

You can use this holistic foundation as a standalone pain relief session.

But the book goes much further than that. You’ll learn how to apply the holistic foundation to a generic back exercise program. Weaving in these specialize holistic techniques will likely transform the hackneyed, hum-drum basic exercises you see over and over again into a unique healing and body empowering experience.  You’ll learn how moving with good body alignment may vastly (and quickly) improve your flexibility and functionality.

There are lots of informative pictures and the language is conversational. While you’ll likely learn a lot about how your body moves, it can be easy, and even fun, to master the techniques set forth in this book.

From the Author.  Plagued with injuries and spinal conditions galore, I began using movement as a healing art at a young age. Not only did this approach exceed my expectations for pain relief, but it was interesting and fun to do.  The great results I got from using movement to heal my body inspired me to share my knowledge with others. So once I got my mojo back, I went on to teach; I have helped hundreds of people relieve pain and recover their chosen lifestyles where conventional medicine could not. I continue to evolve my own eclectic blend that weaves together a number of excellent holistic systems including Pilates, yoga, Feldenkrais and others.

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Genre - Non-Fiction, Health

Rating – G

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