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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Author Interview – Dina Rae

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  • What do you believe happens when you die?  I hope and pray that I will make the cut and go to Heaven.  I respect all religions, even the atheists, but don’t understand people who refuse to believe in an afterlife.  What’s the harm?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • What belief / person / institution would you die to defend?  Freedom of speech was important enough for our forefathers, it should be important enough now.  I believe fear has replaced free speech in many parts of the world, even the U.S., and we need to turn that around.
  • How would you behave when cornered / bullied? I tend to fight back when maybe I should walk away.
  • How would you define the word ‘love’? Love, to me, is sacrifice and loyalty.  The most moving scenes on TV and the movies involve a man or woman putting themself aside for a loved one.  Examples: Sex in the City-When Samantha gets breast cancer and her gorgeous model boyfriend shaves his head, The Notebook-When Gosling buys the dilapidated house and fixes it up because McAdams might stop by, The Zoo-When Damon sinks every dime he has into saving the tiger because it symbolizes the death of his wife.  That’s romance!


    Halo of the Nephilim

    Can a fallen angel, his band of broken souls, and his nephilim children change the world?

    Armaros the Cursed—Satan’s favorite of the Fallen, falls once again after breaking the rules. Fearing an eternity of punishment, he attempts to save himself by sending a bird to his congregation on an island. They prepare the great Armaros’ kingdom for his return. His loyal worshipers must rescue him from the pit. The sequel to Halo of the Damned, the story begins with Armaros’ arrest. Reporters are duped into believing he was gunned down while awaiting trial. Declared dead, his only surviving daughter proves her relation and inherits everything. She catapults her career from an entry-level advertising assistant to the head of Armaros’ advertising empire. Life couldn’t be better: a windfall inheritance, real power within a major industry, a loving relationship with a former demon, and a baby on the way. She should be on top of the world, but knows everything good must come to an end.

    Joanna’s sister marries her dead mother’s probate lawyer. Joanna includes them as players in her advertising chain. A string of events tangles their lives with old family secrets.

    Wickedness looms over the Easterhouse family once more, forcing them into an unlikely showdown filled with page-turning excitement. Halo of the Nephilim is filled with conspiracy, Enochian magick, witchcraft, and angel lore taken directly from scripture and other ancient writings. Nephilim meander the Earth in confusion—constantly questioning who they are and where they stand in terms of good and evil.

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    Genre - Horror/Paranormal

    Rating – R

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