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Friday, June 14, 2013

Author Interview – Alan P. Chan, Pharm. D

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Have you developed a specific writing style? Due to the fact that I wrote a business book, on a specific niche, investments, I don’t think I have developed a personal writing style. However, as it would be normal, the book follows a business writing style, providing information on certain topics, information based on a thorough research and data analysis.

What is your greatest strength as a writer? I believe that my greatest strength as a writer is researching truth. When I was preparing to write “The Critical Flaw: How to profit and protect wealth in history’s greatest opportunity”, I have made tons of research on the topic and data analysis in order to provide an objective approach to my readers. The work deployed in this book was tremendous, but now, as it’s published, I believe that it will help people to make informed decisions and to protect their assets.

Have you ever had writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it? I did come across a few writer’s blocks with respect to how to structure the book during the initial phase. It happened mainly because I had too much information and research to present as organizing into a logical manner and interesting format which was quite challenging. I overcame it by identifying the top 15 questions that most people will ask that is relevant to today’s economic landscape and use them as main chapter subjects. Once the chapter subjects were arranged into a logical flow, I approached each chapter in 1 of 2 ways I’ve learned in graduate school and during my practice.

1) Each chapter as its own research paper, contain abstract, objectives, methods, statistics, discussions and conclusion.
2) Each chapter as its own patient, SOAP- Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan.

Can you share a little of your current work with us? In order to share my work and develop a strong community on this subject, I started a blog,, where people can see some of my work. Please enter and read the resources I’ve shared over the time. It’s a good read!

How did you come up with the title? I came with the title from the Federal Research Bank Chairman.

How did you develop your plot and characters, if any? I have written non-fiction, therefore all the information provided in my book is based on real facts and statistics taken from history.

Who designed the cover? Layout, manuscript design, and cover design are made by Corina Kellam.

Who is your publisher? My publisher is E.J. International Press.

Why did you choose to write this particular book? First of all, I would like to develop a close community who wishes to broaden their know-how, resulting in a global learning environment, where people would share their stories and develop strategies for protecting and increasing their net worth

In the same time, I’m on a mission to increase awareness of the global unsustainable macroeconomic forces and help concerned individuals take actions today before an increasingly likely currency crisis occurs. We will soon witness the greatest opportunity ever seen, as countries worldwide realize they need to revert to monetary systems backed by real money (i.e., the gold and silver). People who are acquiring gold and silver beforehand will not only have their wealth preserved and protected when existing fiat currencies collapse, but will see staggering increases in their purchasing power hence profiting from this opportunity.

What was the hardest part about writing this book? I believe the most challenging about writing a book is to stop procrastinating and overcome your writing blocks.

Personally, I did come across a few writer’s blocks with respect to how to structure the book during the initial phase. Due to the overwhelming amount of information and research I had, I found it really challenging to structure and organize all the information in a logical yet appealing format.

Did you learn anything from writing this book and what was it? I believe that every activity you deploy will result in a personal added value. Writing this book not only equipped me with a comprehensive approach on macroeconomics, making me able to deploy informed business decisions but also taught me that “Anything is possible”!

In his 2008 Congressional testimony, Dr. Alan Greenspan, Former Federal Reserve Chairman, noted a flaw in the economic model he previously thought defined how the world works. Greenspan was referring to the ability of banks and markets to regulate themselves—an ideology he admitted went wrong with the 2008 economic meltdown.

The author has a unique perspective from the inside. He covers topics like inflation, quantitative easing, the “fiscal cliff,” and the global debt crisis with clarity and purpose. Dr. Alan P. Chan is presenting his research as evidence of money’s shaky foundation as an economic driver that Dr. Greenspan’s “critical flaw” presents an excellent investment opportunity.

“Well-argued and ultimately quite persuasive… With a straightforward, accessible writing style that conveys his obvious passion for the topic, Chan articulates important points of economic theory without becoming too abstract. Dr. Chan’s insight is enthralling.” –ELIZABETH MILLARD, ForeWord Clarion Reviews.

“Dr. Chan does a great job of taking complicated financial concepts and explaining them in a fresh and clear manner. He also offers up some thoughtful ideas on how to navigate today’s volatile financial landscape.” – BRIAN SAMSON, Founder & CEO, HR for Startups.

“Dr. Chan’s book is needed for today’s financial times. His guide will help stop you from making bad investments, avoiding financial debt, and ultimately provide answers to the questions you’ve been asking for years. What’s the real picture? How to invest long term profitably and safely? How to protect my future? What happens in the next crisis? How can I avoid the traps?” – BILL CHAN, Corporate Advisory Chair of Seine Image International Co. Ltd.

“The Critical Flaw describes how true and seriously faulty the assumptions on which we built our financial world upon. Brimming with straightforward facts and strategies, anyone can use Dr. Chan’s book to overcome the key fears and questions associated with investing in physical gold and silver.” – ESTHER JIN, MSOD, Private Wealth Manager.

“If you want to deploy a section of your portfolio into precious metals, then this book is the invaluable tool you’ll need in order to capitalize on accurate concepts and helpful tactics which will allow you to protect your assets against the next financial crash and also profit from it. This is a must-read.” –RALUCA IONITA, Co-Founder and Managing Director AYG Romania.

“Dr. Chan paints a bleak picture about the current state of a flawed global financial system. Through shrewd investing and economic foresight, he takes us on a journey towards financial independence, free from the control of central banks and governmental monetary policy.” – CASEY FONG, Founder of Dreaming Emotion.

“Heartfelt, inspiring, simple and clear. The Critical Flaw reveals a new approach for investors who want to succeed in this new economic landscape. I loved it!” – SIMEON DACUMOS, CEO & Creative Director of Simeon Dacumos Co.

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