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Monday, August 5, 2013

Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles (Book 1) by Alexandra Anthony

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Craning my neck for a better view of the tiny stage, I was shocked to see him behind the microphone, singing his own song.  Dressed in all black, he looked every bit of the rock star he was.  He looked perfectly at home there, his boyishly handsome face intense as he belted out his own lyric.

I've walked along alone

Without a hand to hold.

I didn't think I wanted attention

Now I know I was in need your distraction.

You have to choose

Nobody wants to lose

Life can be a lonely game

Don't wanna see you in pain.

It's up to you

Forget those lonely nights and broken dreams

I’ll wipe away your tears

It's up to you

I'll fix all your bad decisions

I'll take the time to listen

Afraid of what you've discovered

Keeping your feelings under cover

You can't hide from the truth forever

The hardest thing to do is face the stormy weather

Why is it so hard for you to just let go

Give us a chance before you say no

Love can be so fleeting

Especially when you're the one I'm needing

It's up to you

Forget those lonely nights and broken dreams

I’ll wipe away your tears

It's up to you

I'll fix all your bad decisions

I'll take the time to listen

When the final notes of the song faded out, the small crowd cheered.  He flashed his blinding smile and stepped off the small stage, heading across the bar towards our table.  I noticed two men join his entourage: a tall, lanky man with curly black hair wearing grey tinted glasses.  Like Nick, he was also dressed in all back from head to toe.  The other man was muscular and lean, tall with thick reddish brown hair.  He’d chosen to break free from the lack of color and was dressed in various shades of blue and gray.

Siobhan's voice was an awed whisper as she grabbed my arm.  "Holy shit balls."


When personal assistant Savannah Wood lands a dream job with up and coming rock star Nick Hart, it seems too good to be true. He’s devastatingly handsome, reserved and charming…but he has a secret he’s determined to keep.

Their attraction to one another is immediate and Savannah is determined to keep a professional relationship between them. She’s been burned before and has no desire to reopen old wounds.

The lines between professional and personal begin to blur when Savannah finds out Nick’s secret: he’s a century old vampire with a painful past. He’s also hesitant to open himself up to her, yet they find their temptation to one another is stronger than either can resist.

The paparazzi, a string of murders and cryptic, ominous letters threaten their budding relationship. Will their attraction and love be enough to keep them together…or will it tear them apart?

*This is an erotic, romantic book. It contains sexy vampires, graphic language, adult content and situations that aren’t for the faint of heart or those 18 and under.  Consider yourself warned.*

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Genre – Erotica

Rating – R

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