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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Schledia Benefield – The Therapy of Writing

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The Therapy of Writing

by Schledia Benefield

A special thank you to The Reading Cat for allowing me to share the therapy writing can provide.

Wounded spirits often appear normal on the outside. A smile flitters across a young girl’s face as you glance her way when she walks in the room. She may even laugh a light, airy giggle when you tell her a joke. Outwardly she seems just fine, but that is only because she is wearing a mask with a beautifully sculptured smile and a soft glimmer painted within her eyes.

Remove the mask and you will find a drastically different young girl. You’ll find darkened, swollen eyes from the sleepless nights she’s spent crying. You’ll see bruises left by someone who claimed to love her. You’ll hear the weakness and desperation in her voice as she whispers, “Good day. I’m fine. How are you?”

Some people have souls with deep wells of tears hidden deep inside. Others cannot see them. In order to know that they are there, one must make it past the fortress she has built around herself. She structured the massive wall for protection from future attacks, attacks she felt she would not survive if bombarded once more. But the wall has become the deep well full of her tears; it is now a lonely, dark dungeon void of the penetrating rays of the sun.  It keeps her trapped within its walls without the ability to feel the heat of the sunlight as it soaks through the skin, nor is she able to feel the warmth of love as it floods the heart. She is trapped in utter and frightening darkness, leaving her scared and completely alone.

The longer she is trapped, the bitterer her tears become and the higher they rise around her. She struggles to swim through them, gasping for breath until she is drowning in the tears of every emotion she has shed. Her only hope for survival comes to her in the form of a pen she finds floating through the waters. As she places the pen upon the cold wall encasing her, she writes. Her first thoughts are of the things she has suffered which caused the tears now filling her lungs as she drowns in her own sorrows. The ink spills freely across the wall, creating a perfect description of her struggles.

As the words flow through the pen, it leaves a tiny puncture in the hardened stone wall.  Little trickles of tears being drifting toward the escape route they have found. Realizing her freedom from the prison may lie in the penetrating power of her pen, she writes about the sadness, the pain, and the loneliness she swims in daily. Three larger holes are formed in the black wall. The tears begin to stream toward their freedom. The water level begins to sink, allowing a small pocket of air to fill the darkness. A tiny shaft of light shines through one of the holes created in the dungeon. The sunshine brings hope. The waters that only moments ago saturated her lungs begin to expel from them.

She presses forward and adds more words to the wall, writing of the anger, rage, revenge, and bitterness caused through her wounds and entrapment. As she dots the exclamation point at the end of her sentence, she unleashes the rage within her. Four stones shift and crumble. A gush of water rushes through the dungeon, like a whirlwind has forced it toward the wall. The tears begin pouring through creating a waterfall on the outside of the wall. The remaining structure is weakened. She finishes writing her story upon the wall. It is only then that the dungeon around her collapses, freeing her from the prison of her own pain, sadness, anger, resentment, and bitterness. She has been healed through the power of a pen.

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