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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Orangeberry Book Tours – The Immigrant & the Golden Coin by Dorothy May Mercer

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Each book in the series stands alone. In book 3, Det. Lt. Mike McBride, Jr. popular hero of two best selling novels, returns for more thrilling adventures. Arch villian, John Jacobs, aka Joseph the Rat, meets extreme justice. an exquisite and priceless golden coin–a one of a kind relic from an ancient civilization–leads to intrigue, kidnapping, extortion and murder. After surviving a harrowing journey across Mexico, an immigrant makes a fatal mistake. Mike becomes involved in the smuggling rivalries along the US border with Mexico. Just the right amount of romance is the custom in the McBride books. There may be a wedding; we’re not telling who.

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Genre – Action / Mystery / Suspense

Rating – R

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